Op-Ed Essays

Could terrorists sway the U.S. election? (PDF) Myers, D. G. (2016, August). Pacific Standard (https://psmag.com/)

A technological godsend to counter hearing loss. (PDF) Myers, D. G. (2015, August 28). Wall Street Journal essay about hearing loop technology.

The psychology of the Sunni-Shia divide. Myers. D. G. (2014, July 6). Politico Magazine essay explaining animosities between groups that seem so similar.

Bridging the gay-evangelical divide: Extreme opinions move toward the middle. Myers. D. G. (2009, August). Wall Street Journal essay about increasing common ground between social scientists and religious conservatives.

The tribes of March. Myers, D. G. (2008, April). Los Angeles Times essay on how sports rivalries illustrate the dynamics of social identity.

Intuition or intellect? Myers, D. G. (2006, August 22). Los Angeles Times essay on the powers and perils of President Bush’s intuition, and our own.

Seemed like a good idea and still does. Myers, D. G. (2004, August 27). Los Angeles Times essay on dissonance reduction and presidential politics.

Son mas felices los ricos? (PDF) Myers, D. G. (2004, April 19). La Vanguardia(Spain), p. 23.

It’s the mundane stuff that kills. Myers, D. G. (2004, March 9). Los Angeles Times essay (distributed by LA Times/Washington Post News Service).

The power of coincidence. Myers, D. G. (2002, September 23). E-Skeptic and Skeptic magazine.

Do we fear the right things? Myers, D. G. (2001, December 14). American Psychological Society Observer.

Resolving the American paradox. Myers, D. G. (2000, June 29). USA Today online article. Reprinted in The Responsive Community, Winter, 2000/2001, and abbreviated version in The Detroit Free Press.

Don’t all children have gifts? Myers, D. G. (1991, January 11). _Education Week,_back page.

Aren’t all children gifted? (PDF) Myers, D. G., & Ridl, J. (1981, February/March). Today’s Education (General Edition), pp. 30-33. (Reprinted by Chicago Tribune, Education West, Annual Editions: Educational Psychology 82, Target Magazine, Career Guidance Service; digested by Psychology Today.)

Lets cut the poortalk. (PDF) (1978, October 24). Myers, D. G. & Ludwig, T. Saturday Review, pp. 24-25. (Reprinted in several newspapers and magazines.