David Myers

David G. Myers Professor of Psychology, Hope College

Social psychologist David Myers is a communicator of psychological science to college students and the general public.

For David’s most cited research visit Google Scholar. For information on his textbook audiences, visit here and here. For his blog essays that shine the light of psychological science on everyday life visit TalkPsych.com.

David’s other writings include books on the science of happiness, the experience of hearing loss, the powers and perils of intuition, the meeting ground between psychological science and faith, and a forthcoming collection of his essays.

David explains his and others’ advocacy for people with hearing loss—via a transformation in American assistive listening—at hearingloop.org and in 3 dozen articles, including here and here.

For a 6-minute video bio of David, see here. For a 5-minute animation of his study tips for students, visit here. To follow him on Twitter: @DavidGMyers.

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