What God Has Joined Together: The Christian Case for Gay Marriage

by David G. Myers & Letha Dawsom Scanzoni
HarperSanFrancisco, 2005

What God Has Joined Together is an effort to bridge the divide between marriage-supporting and gay-supporting people of faith by showing why both sides have important things to say. By affirming marriage for all, What God Has Joined Together concurs with conservatives’ call for marriage renewal and a more marriage-supporting culture. And it concurs with liberals’ affirmation of everyone’s right, regardless of sexual orientation, to seal love with commitment and to participate fully in the church’s life and ministry.

With its traditional defense of marriage and its progressive embrace of same-sex relationships, this book cannot be pigeonholed, and that in itself is refreshing.

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Invaluable for everyone looking for a readable, concise, and authoritative summary of the gay marriage debate.

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The title sounds explosive, but this is one of the most compassionate religious books published this year.

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Table of Contents

  1. A personal letter to our readers
  2. The Great Divide
  3. The Longing for Belonging
  4. The State of Our Unions
  5. A Newer World
  6. Understanding Sexual Orientation
  7. Changing Sexual Orientation
  8. What the Bible Does and Doesn't Say
  9. What God Has Joined Together?
  10. Gay Marriage
  11. Epilogue
  12. Appendix A. Why Marriage Matters
  13. Appendix B. Attitudes are Changing
  14. Appendix C. Discussion Questions

If you are a marriage supporter, or if what you have read about this book gave you the impression that it aims to undermine marriage, you may wish to read this and this (or, for more, to read the book’s marriage-supportive chapters).

If you seek personal advice for yourself or a friend or family member, we regret being unable to offer assistance. (David Myers is a social psychologist and writer, not a mental health worker.)

If you seek more information about sexual orientation, click here.

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