Psychology Through the Eyes of Faith (revised and updated edition)

by David G. Myers and Malcom A. Jeeves
HarperSanFrancisco, 2002

From the Preface

This book is about the relationship between what psychologists are discovering and what Christians believe. Unlike most other books on psychology and religion, this one is not primarily concerned with what psychologists have said about religion, with the speculations of personality theorists, or with a Christian approach to counseling. Rather, it identifies major insights regarding human nature that college and university students will encounter in a basic psychology course and ponders how the resulting human image connects with Christian belief.

With students’ needs in mind, we have written short essays on many of the big issues in psychology and religion and arranged them to correspond with the sequence of topics often studied in a first course on psychology.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Introduction

  1. Lessons from the Past: Science and Christian Faith

  2. Levels of Explanation

  3. Should There Be a Christian Psychology?

Part 2: Biological Bases of Behavior

  1. The Brain-Mind Connection

  2. Biblical Images of Human Nature

  3. Evolutionary Psychology and Human Uniqueness

Part 3: Human Development

  1. On Living Peaceably with the Mysteries of the Faith

  2. How Much Credit (and Blame) Do Parents Deserve?

  3. Finding Your Path On The Journey of Life

Part 4: Sensation and Perception

  1. The Mystery of the Ordinary

  2. Through the Eyes of Faith

Part 5: States of Awareness

  1. The Day of Rest

Part 6: Learning

  1. Are we Determined or Free?

Part 7: Memory

  1. Memorable Messages

Part 8: Thinking and Language

  1. To Err is Human

  2. Superstition and Prayer

  3. Science and the New Spirituality

  4. Watch Your Language

Part 9: Intelligence

  1. You Are Gifted

Part 10: Motivation

  1. To Accept or to Change?

  2. And God Said, It Is Very Good

  3. Forgiveness: What It Takes and What It Gives

Part 11: Emotion

  1. Wealth, Well-Being, and the New American Dream

  2. This Way to Happiness

Part 12: Personality

  1. A New Look at Pride

  2. The Power of Positive Thinking

Part 13: Psychological Disorders

  1. Is Christianity Beneficial or Hazardous to Your Mental Health?

Part 14: Therapy

  1. Values in Psychotherapy

Part 15: Social Psychology

  1. Nice People and Evildoers

  2. Behavior and Attitudes

  3. Action and Faith

  4. The Fruit of the Spirit

Part 16: Conclusion

  1. The Psychology of Religion

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