The American Paradox: Spiritual Hunger in an Age of Plenty

by David G. Myers
Yale University Press, 2000

Since 1960 we have experienced the great American paradox: While material affluence and human rights have surged, national civic health was, until recently, falling. In The American Paradox: Spiritual Hunger in an Age of Plenty, David Myers explores this paradox. He also reviews current renewal efforts and documents links between faith and social well-being.

David’s overarching aim is to contribute to a new environmental movement—a social environmental movement—one seeking a social ecology that respects human rights while nurturing healthier individuals, families, and communities. With this end in mind he notes the social consequences of American materialism and individualism and points the way toward more positive values, economic policies, media influences, educational priorities, and faith communities.

A new millennium calls for a new vision of America. … The American Paradox _gives us such a new vision of America.

—Father Theodore Hesburgh, retired President, Notre Dame, and past chair, U.S. Civil Rights Commission

David Myers has a real gift—he can take acres of dull, academic writing, ascertain what's actually relevant and useful, then rewrite the information in a manner that makes it comprehensible, significant and, dare I say it, exciting.

—Mary Pipher, author Reviving Ophelia

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