Magazine Articles

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There’s a wideness in God’s mercy. (2010, May). Myers, D. G. Perspectives, pp. 20-22.

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Redeeming psychology means taking psychological science seriously. (2009, June 1). Myers, D. G., Comment.

Arm-twisting with the Almighty: Prayer experiment yields predicted result. (PDF) (2006). Myers, D. G., Science & Theology News.

Happier ever after. (2006). Myers, D. G., Science & Spirit.

Changing sexual orientation? A look at the data. (2005, April). Myers, D. G., & Scanzoni, L. D. Perspectives.

A short essay (Children of the Living God: A Reply) in reply to a critique of above article. (2005, September/October). Myers, D. G., Perspectives.

Finding contentment in a wealthy world (PDF). (2003, October). Myers, D. G., The Church Herald, pp. 23-26.

Godliness and goodliness. (2001). Myers, D. G., Sightings (online public religion newsletter from the Martin Marty Center at the University of Chicago).

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Crossing the line. (PDF) (1996, November). Myers, D. G., Church Herald, pp. 29-32. (Winner of Associated Church Press 1997 Award of Merit)

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