About David

Social psychologist David Myers is a communicator of psychological science to college students and the general public.

His scientific writings, supported by National Science Foundation fellowships and grants, appeared in three dozen academic periodicals, including Science, the American Scientist, the American Psychologist, and Psychological Science.

David has digested psychological research for the public through articles in four dozen magazines, from Scientific American to Christian Century, and through seventeen books, including general interest books and textbooks.

His research and writings have been recognized by the Gordon Allport Prize, by an “honored scientist” award from the Federation of Associations in the Brain and Behavioral Sciences, by the Award for Distinguished Service on Behalf of Personality-Social Psychology, and by three honorary doctorates.

For David’s most cited research visit Google Scholar. For information on his textbook audiences, visit here and here (from the Columbia University-related Open Syllabus project, which has harvested information from online syllabi representing ”around 5-6%” of all U.S. college courses).

In recognition of his collaborative efforts to transform the way America provides assistive listening for people with hearing loss (see hearingloop.org), he received “the 2011 American Academy of Audiology Presidential Award,” the Walter T. Ridder Award from the Hearing Loss Association of America, and Oticon’s 2013 hearing Advocacy Award. From 2013 to 2017 he represented Americans with hearing loss on the Advisory Council of NIH’s National Institute on Deafness and Other Communications Disorders.

He is a Seattle native and an all-weather bicyclist. David and Carol Myers married while undergraduates at Whitworth College and are parents of three adult children, sons Peter (married to Danielle) and Andrew (married to Melinda), a daughter, Laura, and one grandchild, Allie (right). Carol is the creator and host of a world class website offering information and resources related to the real Santa Claus, St. Nicholas.

David and Carol also manage a family foundation, which receives all David’s royalties from his introductory psychology textbooks and his general audience trade books.

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